Ethos and several local specialists join forces to provide analyses and voting recommendations for the general meetings of the largest listed companies in Europe.

Ethos and European consultants specialising in corporate governance come together within the "Ethos European Network". This new network will enable each partner to offer detailed analysis, governance research and voting recommendations to the general meetings of the largest listed companies in Europe. It has no impact on the customers of the respective partners who will continue to benefit from the same products and services as in the past. The Ethos guidelines on the exercise of voting rights will also continue to be applied unchanged.

In total, more than 470 companies will be covered by network analysts. All the main European markets are concerned: Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland.

Ethos also provides its clients with analyses and voting recommendations for companies listed in North America as well as in the Asia/Pacific region, i.e. more than 380 additional companies.

This new network is now composed of the following partners:

  • Ethos Services (Switzerland)
  • DSW (Germany, Austria)
  • Frontis Governance (Italy)
  • Corporance (Spain, Portugal)

Independent consultants will also be part of the network. 

"This new partnership will allow us to maintain and guarantee the highest quality of analysis", emphasises Vincent Kaufmann, CEO of Ethos. "For the partners, it was mainly a question of formalising our regrouping".

"It is a perfect fit for DSW representing German shareholders in Corporate Governance activities at general meetings and engagement at almost 700 listed companies, since the focus of our Swiss partner Ethos is also on general meetings and engagement", underlines Jella Benner-Heinacher, chief managing director (deputy) at DSW, Germany’s no.1 shareholder association.

The creation of this new network comes as the 2023 general assembly season is about to begin. As such, Ethos will publish on its website, as every year, its voting positions for all the companies covered (Swiss and non-Swiss) 48 hours before the general meeting.

In addition, private investors also have the option of entrusting Ethos with the voting rights they hold in companies listed in Switzerland and included in the SPI index. The votes will be exercised in accordance with the recommendations of Ethos (more information).

Dates of general meetings & voting positions

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